Taking shelter in Sderot (file)
Taking shelter in Sderot (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

"Code red" sirens heard early Sunday morning have been declared as 'false alarms,' by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), as no rocket was found to have hit Israel.

Sirens sounded throughout the Negev and Ramat HaNegev Regional Councils, as well as in the Gaza Belt area. 

This is just one incident in a series of false alarms that have sounded in the region since the end of Operation Protective Edge some two months ago.

While false alarms have sounded on multiple occasions, at least one incident was later proven to have been Hamas firing a rocket - which simply did not fall on Israel's side of the border fence. 

Hamas also fired a mortar shell at the Eshkol region in September, causing alarm after it fell outside a local community without warning or sirens. 

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