Shocking footage of Arab women attacking a female Border Patrol officer near the Temple Mount has emerged, showing the extent of violent Arab rioting and lawlessness near Judaism's holiest site. 

The footage, posted on Tuesday, the day before the penultimate day of the eight-day Sukkot (Feast of the Tabernacles) holiday, shows Muslim women attacking a female Border Police guard and pulling her hair as she escorts visitors through the neighborhood. 

The post spreading the footage on an Arab-language Facebook page claims that the attack is the other way around - with the soldier attacking the Arab woman - but the cameraman stands behind a throng of Muslim women rushing aggressively towards a police crew. Other posts on the page clearly depict a group of Muslim women attacking Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem's Old City. 

This is just one incident of this kind being highly publicized in Arab media.

A photo of a Jewish man shouting at a Muslim woman at the Old City, published a few days ago, is being circulated worldwide.

On close examination, one can see that the woman is holding a Book of Psalms that she appears to have snatched from the man. Another photo shows a Muslim woman tugging his shirt. A part of her dress appears to also be visible in the first photo.

A video of the altercation also shows the Muslim woman apparently snatching the prayer book from the man, at approximately 5 seconds into the video. 

Constant chaos

Palestinian Arab incitement against Jews on the Temple Mount has reached a head, after Hamas recently vowed to "shed blood" on the site, provoking an escalation in the already-frequent riots. 

Arab rioting has become a norm on Judaism's holiest site. The site is under the jurisdiction of the Jordanian Waqf, which heavily restricts access to Jews and bans all Jewish worship on the Mount. 

Last week, rioting became so bad that Israeli police were forced to lock a band of terrorists in the mosque itself - as they lobbed a heavy cache of rocks and other projectiles at the forces. 

To maintain order, police have ordered restrictions on access to the Mount on Friday - but only against Muslim men over the age of 50, not against women. Clearly, gender is not a factor in Arab rioting on the Mount as seen in the video, and incidents have continued regardless. 

A similar restriction on Wednesday was not enough to prevent Arab rioting from succeeding in blocking Jewish entry to the site for Hoshana Raba.

Despite this, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has vowed to "maintain the status quo" on the Mount.