Jerusalem Light Rail
Jerusalem Light RailArutz Sheva

In four separate incidents, Arabs threw rocks on Saturday night at the Jerusalem Light Rail, as it passed near Arab neighborhoods in the capital.

No one was hurt but the windows of the trains sustained damage.

In another incident in the capital, Arabs from the Abu Tor neighborhood hurled rocks at Border Policemen on the Mount of Olives. Two officers were lightly wounded and were treated at the scene.

The rock attacks are the latest in the ongoing "silent intifada" in the capital. On Friday afternoon, Arab terrorists attacked the Jerusalem neighborhood of Maaleh Hazeitim, targeting Jewish residents with fireworks and rocks.

The fireworks caused a fire in the nearby brush, which spread quickly but was extinguished by the residents and private security guards before the fire department showed up.

Ten days earlier, local terrorists attacked a day care center in Jerusalem. Three weeks ago, a school bus was attacked with rocks and paint, almost causing it to veer off the road.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has turned to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a letter demanding that the terror wave be ended.

Barkat’s letter also reached members of the government, Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino and recently retired Jerusalem District Police Commander Yossi Pariente.