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A senior Israeli Muslim religious leader called terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) “brothers” of Muslims in Israel and elsewhere, adding that they could not stand by and watch silently as Western forces pounded IS forces in Iraq and Syria. Ahmad Badran, an imam and educator from the Galilee Arab village of Jatt called on Muslims to condemn the actions of the Western “infidels.”

In a sermon given Saturday at a local mosque, Badran said that no Muslim could stand aside and watch as the “enemies of Islam attack our land. Our Muslim brothers are accused of terror and attacking America,” but really it is the US and its allies who are attacking “our brave Muslim brothers.”

“There is no difference between the countries that are attacking us and the countries that are not attacking us,” he added. “For us, there is no difference between Australia, Sweden, Japan, Russia, or the US. They are all one army united against Islam.

“It will take ancient Islam not more than ten years to rule the world,: Badran added. “The countdown has begun to the great battle with the infidels around the world.”

A spokesperson for Badran said that his comments had been taken out of context.