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Israeli courts of law will strike Tuesday, the Histadrut announced, in a continuation of several 'solidarity strikes' with the Postal Workers' Union. 

Administrative staff, secretaries, court transcriptionists, and Criminal Law staff in courts across Israel, the notice said - along with separate strikes at the postal service itself.

The move will see a temporary halt on all title transfers and ownership claims, mail service at embassies and diplomatic offices, and mail at the Transportation Ministry. 

"The strike is related to the conflict in the Civil Service Workers Union announced several weeks ago with respect to the unilateral conduct of the state with regard to reforms and infrastructure changes," the Histadrut explained. "We protest against the phenomenon of contract workers and a 'revolving door' policy which takes from the state while perpetuating abusive employment patterns." 

Histadrut chairman Avi Nissenkorn called on all parties involved in decisions regarding the future of the postal workers to work as soon as possible for a compromise. 

The Israeli Postal Service has faced major budgetary setbacks for several months. In December, the government announced that up to 2,000 workerswould be dismissed as part of a large-scale cost-cutting operation. The current strike protests 1,500 projected layoffs. 

With the increased popularity of e-mail and electronic money transfers, and competition from private parcel and overnight letter companies, the post office's prospects for growth are slim, government officials believe.