Rapelling (illustration)
Rapelling (illustration) Flash 90

Dozens of right-wing activists demonstrated Monday night at the construction site where Netanel Arami, 27, was killed last week, protesting what they say is a police cover-up of Arami's murder.

Both the protestors and Arami's family are convinced that one of the victim's fellow workers deliberately cut the cable he was harnessed to at the time of his death, and that the murder was due to "nationalistic" (Arab terror) motivations.

During the demonstration, one protestor was arrested by the Petah Tikva police, for "incitement and writing graffiti," according to police officials.

Former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari spoke at the protest.

"We are here because the blood of our brother Netanel cries out from the ground," Ben-Ari stated. "We cannot leave a killer on the loose. There is no doubt that this was a premeditated murder."

Ben-Ari claimed that the police are trying to hide the crime from the nationalist population. 

"This act must shake the Prime Minister, the President, and the Police Commissioner," he urged. "We are here to say that we can no longer be silent, if others will remain to be silent, G-d forbid." 

Netanel's widow, Moria (24), is pregnant and has two young children - Etan and Aviah.

On Sunday, she told Yediot Aharonot that she, too, believes it was a premeditated murder.

"Netanel was an expert in rapelling, he knew he had children waiting for him at home, and therefore security came before everything for him."

"My husband didn't have any conflicts with people, and I feel in my bones that his fate was caused by being there on the building," she added.