Further irrefutable evidence of Hamas's usage of hospitals to launch rockets at Israeli civilian centers has been provided by the IDF in new filmed footage.

In the video, concealed rocket launchers are indicated by a yellow triangle. They are located directly adjacent to a medical center, which is highlighted in red.

Other nearby sites marked in blue include the Salah Halaf and Ibn Sina schools, where displaced Gazans are staying, and on the other side a soccer field and a Hamas courthouse.

The video captures a rocket being fired from within the medical center, followed by another from the same compound. Both rockets, fired on Saturday, targeted the Shfela central region of Israel located between Jerusalem and the coast.

The launchers were taken out in pinpoint IAF airstrikes on Sunday after the buildings were warned so as to clear civilians. Several rockets, encircled in red, can be seen exploding due to the blast, further proving that rockets were embedded there.