Anti-Israel protester in London (file)
Anti-Israel protester in London (file) Reuters

Thousands of people shouted anti-Israel and anti-Semitic slogans, wore anti-Semitic T-shirts, and defended Hitler on Saturday - all in alleged defense of a "free Gaza" and "Palestinian rights" at a protest outside London's Downing Street.

Breitbart News reporters at the scene reported a current of violence running through the crowd, with at least one peaceful pro-Israel counter-protester saying he felt "physically intimidated." Police later banned the man from participating, possibly for his safety; reporters were also asked to leave. 

Hate crimes against Jews have risen 383% worldwide since 2013, including a 436% hate crime hike in Europe. 

Thousands of people have participated in anti-Israel protests since Operation Protective Edge began July 8, and the demonstrations have been accompanied by anti-Semitic violence. 

Just last week, pro-Palestinian rioters vandalized a Birmingham Tesco store out of rage over a refusal to boycott Israeli products; in a similar incident, hundreds of demonstrators rioted outside the Kedem store in Manchester, in a series of clashes which culminated in dozens of death threats being hurled at the store's owners. 

This is not the first time pro-Palestinians have defended Hitler. Several days ago, one participant stated on camera that he "loved Hitler" in a viral video.