Gaza terror tunnel
Gaza terror tunnel Flash 90

Hamas has been gearing up to fight again with Israel, Doha-based television network Al-Jazeera reports, after the end of the 72-hour ceasefire. 

The outlet prominently features a Hamas tunnel - filled with rocket launchers, mortars and anti-tank missiles - which according to the terrorists is already being prepared for the possibility of renewed fighting. 

"We are here on the border with Israel, ready for anything, we take care of our people," said one Hamas terrorist to the daily. "We still have a lot of surprises waiting [. . .] the resistance is ready." 

Another terrorist commented, "We are now in a trench in this area because we do not believe in Jewish tricks."

"We shot from this outpost at a group of settlements in Eshkol, as well at IDF soldiers around Haza'a," he added. 

The reporter also showed himself in another tunnel, allegedly an attack tunnel that enters Israeli territory and which the IDF has not demolished.

Later Wednesday, Abu Laith, a commander of Hamas's "military wing" - the Al-Qassam Brigades - told the British Times that "thousands" are waiting to fight Israel again. 

"We have more tunnels, we can infiltrate into Israel again," he boasted. 

He admitted, however, that the tunnels had undergone significant damage, and that "only a small engineering staff" knows the full extent of the damage in the terror tunnel system. 

Another Hamas terrorist noted that the group is waiting the ceasefire out. 

"We are prepared for a long fight," the terrorist said. "We can hit cities we haven't hit yet in this war. We have enough rockets, more than the enemy can imagine. They have only killed 10% of our forces." 

The threats surface well into the cease-fire agreement - which Israel has reportedly agreed to extend, and Hamas has rejected - and amidst an ongoing PR campaign to scare Israelis and woo the international media into believing Israel has been dealt a heavy blow in the conflict. 

On Wednesday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that the IDF had destroyed all of the known terror tunnels revealed to intelligence officials before Operation Protective Edge, but did not specify progress regarding the many tunnels allegedly found once the IDF crossed the border fence into Gaza itself. 

Meanwhile, some 30,000 reserve soldiers were discharged on Wednesday.