Despite the current ceasefire, the IDF released additional video Wednesday showing Hamas rockets being fired from spots next to civilian homes. Israel has charged countless times that Hamas has a policy of using its own populace as human shields. It purposely fires from among civilians, in the hope that Israel is deterred from striking the missile launcher, or that it does strike and causes collateral damage that hurts civilians.

As the Gaza ceasefire continues in its second day, reports are coming in from foreign journalists, too, that prove Israel is right. 

On Tuesday an Indian TV report exposed terrorists setting up and launching a rocket just meters away from a hotel where members of the international media were staying, in the middle of a crowded residential area.

A France 24 TV journalist - who famously ducked for cover during a live interview when a Hamas rocket was fired right next to him - has also gone on the record to report how the rocket which caught him off guard was launched in a crowded civilian area and right in front of a UN building.