Arutz Sheva spoke to the IDF Yakar unit on Monday, which helps wounded soldiers and their families cope with their injuries and recovery. 

"The unit helps soldiers year-round," Cpt. Magi Fadlon Der'i, commander of Yakar, stated to Arutz Sheva. "However, in times of emergency, they make sure that reservists are being called up in order to support that system, that unit, and make sure that soldiers are being treated and escorted throughout the process."

"Once they receive a call that a wounded soldier is in hospital and is being [treated] there, a representative of the unit gets to that hospital and makes the initial contact," she continued.

"They always strive to make sure that the soldier himself is the one contacting [his/her] family in order to make everyone more calm - but in other cases, when the soldier cannot speak, they make sure they identify him, contact the families [. . .] and accompany him through the entire rehabilitation process." 

Capt. Der'i stressed that the soldiers always emphasize, in that initial call, that they have received the best medical care on-site after receiving an injury and continue to do so in hospital. 

But the process does not end there, she said. 

"A very big emphasis is placed on the soldier's family," she said. "We make sure to provide transportation for them [to the hospital] - sometimes we even put them here in a special hotel so they'll be close to their sons, daughters, or relative."

The same goes for wounded soldiers themselves, who may have lost friends and comrades in battle.

"We arrange transportation for them for their [friends'] funerals," she stated, "along with all the logistical care that we can for wounded soldiers and their families."