Residents of southern Israel in bomb shelter
Residents of southern Israel in bomb shelter Reuters

With rockets raining on Israel, particularly in the south, residents are trapped in shelters with little or no access to food and basic supplies, particularly as many stores are closed due to the constant bombings. 

Responding to the crisis, Yad Ezra V'Shulamit, a food distribution organization that delivers food to 10,000 needy people every month, will send 20 trucks with 100 tons of food and supplies to cities in southern Israel.

"People call crying on the phone. You can't  imagine," said Aryeh Lurie, founder of Yad Ezra V'Shulamit. "No food, diapers... and children who are suffering from the devastating psychological effects of constant fear from the sirens. Someone has to brave the rockets and get these people food."

In previous wars, Mr. Lurie personally delivered food baskets to cities under attack and went from bomb shelter to bomb shelter himself delivering desperately needed supplies to people stuck in shelters.

"We may be on the front lines but we need help in order to get food to everyone. No one can defeat Am Israel," declared Lurie. "We are one, we are family, we all care and when we stick together, nothing can hurt us. 

"I call on every single Jewish person to help. Stand by Israel in our time of need and help us deliver food to our brother's under attack."

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