Israel's Foreign Affairs Ministry has unveiled a new video that tries to convey what it means to live under the threat of Hamas terror rockets, in Israel's southern region.

The video, which does not show any rocket fire, blood or screaming, is an understated version of earlier hasbarah videos that focused on the threat of Hamas terror missiles and the way it disrupts the lives of Israeli men, women and children.

The video follows by a few days a similarly-themed IDF video:

Israeli "hasbarah" has a hard time competing with Palestinian propaganda, which does not hesitate to show blood and gore, and operates for a leadership that even places its civilians purposely in harm's way in order to be able to present itself as victim.

A video produced in Sderot in 2008, called “15 Seconds in Sderot,” received hundreds of thousands of views.

A video uploaded a few days shows the distress at a swimming pool in Merhavim, as sirens sound and bathers flee to a protected shelter.

Amid the screams the "thud" of impacting rockets can be heard, as the cameraman cries "God protect us!"