MK Hanin Zoabi
MK Hanin Zoabi Flash 90

The public fury against Arab MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) who justified the Hamas abduction spilled over again on Friday, as "price tag" graffiti targeting her was found sprayed on the wall of a school in Be'er Sheva.

A picture of the wall from the police spokesperson unit was posted by the news site 0404, and featured the words "Hanin Zoabi is a Nazi," with a swastika painted next to it.

Other messages like "bring the kids home," a reference to the three kidnapped teens, as well as "price tag" and "death to terrorists" was seen sprayed on the walls. Police arrived on the scene and opened an investigation into the incident.

A police statement read "police forces from the Be'er Sheva station, under the command of the captain on duty and investigator, arrived on the site to document the scene and gather evidence." The statement added that an intel investigation has been launched.

Zoabi sparked rage last Tuesday in a radio interview, justifying the terrorists who abducted Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Sha'ar (16) and Eyal Yifrah (19) two weeks ago.

Speaking about the terrorist kidnappers, Zoabi said "they are not terrorists, I do not agree with you! They have seen no other way to change their reality and they have to resort to these measures until Israel sobers up a bit and feels the suffering of others."

The justification infuriated many Israelis; one angry restaurant owner was filmed kicking Zoabi out of his establishment this week.

Falling out with her party over Abbas

The incident comes the same Friday that Balad party leader Wassel Taha sharply criticized Zoabi, over her comments in a TV interview on Saturday when she called Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas a "traitor" for having his PA security force cooperate with the IDF search for the kidnapped teens.

Taha, in a statement reported by radio Kol Yisrael, said he completely opposes Zoabi's comments against Abbas and that they don't represent her Balad party. He added the party honors the PA's diplomatic achievements for the "Palestinian state."

The Balad party supported Zoabi over her comment justifying the terrorists however, blaming the "Israeli occupation" for causing recent violence.

The police on Sunday recommended investigating Zoabi over her comments.

Zoabi's tone got even wilder on Monday, when she said "I did not break any laws. On the contrary - I am fulfilling my moral, human and political duty, the obligation for which I was sent to the Knesset: to fight oppression, and for justice."