tourists at Ben-Gurion airport
tourists at Ben-Gurion airport Flash 90

Passengers waiting to board El Al flight 323 to Paris have been experiencing a bad day Sunday, as their flight is delayed over and over again.

Arutz Sheva spoke to one of the passengers, Amos Sadeh of Hod Hasharon, who was on his way to Ben Gurion Airport in a taxi when he received a text message saying that the flight, originally scheduled for 9 a.m., would be postponed to 12 noon.

He arrived at the airposrt and checked in, but another text message informed him and the other pssengers that the flight was delayed again, until 3:30 p.m.

The next message informed him that the flight would only take off at 4:50 p.m.

Sadeh said that a commotion began in the airport, as angry pasengers approached two stewardesses who were dispatched to calm their fraught nerves, but were not supplied with enough information to do so effectively.

The two said, at first, that there had been a technical problem with the flight and that it was being fixed. When passengers continued to address them angrily, one of them asked: “What do you want us to do – bring you a malfunctioning plane that will blow up in the air?” This apparently made the pasengers even more upset.

Sadeh said that no one from the management echelons has seen fit to speak with the stranded passengers. Security men who had been sent to enable some of the passengers to go back home, turned around and left without letting the passengers go.

An El Al spokesman confirmed that a technical problem caused the delays. He insisted that the delays were not caused by any kind of strike by pilots or other employees. “The most important value for El Al is passenger safety,” he explained. “We do not let a plane take off unless we know it is safe.”

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