Avi Naim
Avi Naim Flash90

Terrorist groups have sent death threats to Avi Naim, the local authority head of Beit Aryeh, located in western Samaria – because of his insistence on maintaining positive relations with the leaders of Arab villages in the vicinity of his town.

Threats have been sent to Naim personally in the past, and this week fliers appeared in Arab towns and villages in the area saying that if Naim continued to hold meetings and conduct positive relations with the neighboring Arab village of Luban, “his blood should be considered free to spill.”

The fliers listed the threats as coming from four terror groups – Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front, and Fatah. The latter terror group is the one that Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, and key members of his government, belong to.

According to the fliers, Naim's “crimes” include participating in weddings, funerals, and other events held by families from Luban. As an Israeli official - and a “settler” - Luban was responsible for the continued incarceration of Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons, the fliers added. The next time he entered Luban, said the fliers, Naim would be killed.

In a statement, Naim said that he did not fear the threats. “I will continue to build and develop positive relations with our neighbors. Apparently this bothers the terrorist groups.”