Elbit Systems will unveil on Tuesday a new mortar, called Hanit (Spear), which features low recoil and can be mounted on light vehicles.

The mortar represents a new generation of the CARDOM mortar that serves the IDF and other armies.

Hanit is a 120 mm modular mortar with full autonomous abilities, and its low recoil makes it possible to mount it on a variety of light vehicles, including Hummers and other jeeps. This is a new ability: other mortars have a high recoil upon firing that would literally punch a hole into any light vehicle they were mounted on, upon firing.

The new mortar's abilities mean that it is possible to transport it in a variety of ways, both in transport planes and helicopters, as well as rapid-speed wheeled vehicles, thus opening up new possibilities of deployment in combat scenarios. Jeeps fitted with the Hanit/Spear could roll off a transport plane or amphibious landing vehicle, for instance, and immediately go into action.

Udi Vered, Director of Elbit Ground and Teleprocessing Systems, said Monday that Elbit Systems is “a world leader in the field of mortars, and the CARDOM mortar is already being used by the IDF and other leading militaries in the world. The Hanit system makes it possible to provide a wider solution for our clients and solidifies our leadership even more.

"The Hanit provides a solution for operational demands for mobile, quick and precise fire, that allows for operations deep in the combat sectors, and deployment of special forces,” he added.