Another television discussion on Syria, another brawl. A video released Wednesday by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) shows how once again the hot topic of the civil war in Syria caused a brawl on live television.

This time, Jordanian commentators Shaker Al-Jawhari and Baathist Muhammad Al-Jayousi began hurling insults at each other and tearing apart the desk separating them. By the time studio workers had separated them, the studio was in a shambles.

The debate turned fight aired on Jordan’s 7 Stars TV.

Al-Jayousi was also involved in a previous television brawl translated and uploaded by MEMRI.

In that brawl, posted in March, Al-Jayousi took offense when another commentator, Musa Al-Abdallat, called Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad a criminal and a bloodshedder.

Al-Jayousi proceeded to threaten to “mop the floor” with Al-Abdallat and approached him with the intention of hitting him. The two then chased each other out of the room.

MEMRI has several times caught debates which turned into verbal and sometimes physical arguments. These include a televised debate on the political situation in Egypt which turned ugly as the participants got angry and threw water at one another; a Sunni Egyptian activist who attacked a Shiite activist after the latter insulted his wife; and two commentators who got into a fight while discussing the Syrian civil war on Hezbollah television.