Public backlash against the Israeli government and IDF has snowballed, after a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Palestinian Arabs harassing the soldier in Hevron. At least one of the teens, who allied with leftist organizations to show the video as an example of "Israeli aggression," was arrested and then released by IDF forces on Thursday night. 

The viral Facebook campaign for the soldier in the video, who was dubbed "David the Nahal Soldier," has garnered over 130,000 "likes" and sparked strong reactions from MKsa nod from an army official, and several protests. 

Now, David Adamov the Nahal Soldier spoke to the Israeli media for the first time Tuesday about his struggle against Palestinian Arab provocateurs, the media, and more. 

"When you feel like your life is being endangered, you don't think twice about whether or not you're going to cock your gun [at the enemy]," David stated to Channel 10.

He spent Israeli Independence Day in prison, but does not regret his actions.

"I am satisfied with how I acted," he said. "I was in mortal danger." 

"I felt threatened, not only by them toward me but also toward those around me," Adamov continued. "When I cocked the weapon, you could see in the video they balked, they moved back. Right after that I got in touch and asked reinforcements to arrive."

Adamov noted that the video actually shows very little of what happened.

"There were a lot of people and things started to heat up, at the front I saw people taking pictures and behind came more Palestinians with their hands in their pockets - it's not easy," he said. "With all due respect, it's also my life. I saw 17 and 18 year-old Palestinians coming closer from the sides of the crowd and picking stones off the ground."

Adamov simply wants to return to active duty and finish his service, with the saga behind him. He noted that revealing his identity to the media is not a matter of claiming fame - but simply making his mother happy. 

"My mother wanted me to come home happy and healthy, and not to 'stay in the closet' [about who he is - ed.]," he said, noting that the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who took to social media in his defense "warmed my heart." 

"Being a combat soldier is everything for me," he said. "It's my greatest pride and that's why I'm making every effort I can now to come back and be a combat soldier again." 

That said, he stated that he would cock his gun again at Palestinian Arab provocateurs, if threatened.

"I'll come back and say it again to every soldier, no matter what your role: when you feel your life is in danger, do not think twice." 

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