Previous confrontation near Yitzhar
Previous confrontation near Yitzhar Israel news photo: Flash 90

Policemen from the Nationalist Crime Unit of the Judea and Samaria District arrested a sixth suspect from the Samaria community of Yitzhar Thursday, on suspicion of taking part in riots and causing damage to an IDF outpost earlier in the week.

He will be interrogated Thursday evening and is to be brought before a Magistrates' Court judge in Jerusalem Friday morning for arraignment.

Earlier Thursday, the remand of five other suspects under arrest for damaging the outpost was extended by five days.

One of those under arrest is Boaz Albert, who was released from jail in January following four months of confinement. Albert's crime was unknown; he was arrested for not complying with a draconian Administrative Order distancing him from his home for no stated reason.

The wine-making farmer's plight attracted national attention after he was brutally tasered by police last August, only to be arrested again in September. Albert noted the orders, which he was arrested for defying, were issued without evidence or trial, and were not given for any acts he had committed, but rather for opinions he had expressed.

He refused to be released from jail over the last 4 months in protest of the order, even as death threats forced him to be transferred to another jail wing.