Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon Flash 90

Reservists who serve in the same unit as Sagi Kaisler, Director of the Shomron (Samaria) Residents' Committee whose home in Kida was demolished, on Wednesday called on Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to work to have Kaisler’s home re-built.

The demolition took place three weeks ago, and activists say it was politically-motivated, as all the houses in the community - including Kaisler's - had received the relevant permits.

Ya’alon’s office on Monday published the results of an internal inquiry about the demolition. That report indicated that the home was built without proper legal permits and against the law.

new campaign has been started to help the Kaislers fund the rebuilding of their home. As of this week the campaign succeeding in raising 300,000 shekels ($85,000), although the family was left with losses of over 1 million shekels (over $280,000) by the destruction.

In a letter sent to Ya’alon this week, Kaisler’s friends wrote, "Several weeks ago we were invited to the dedication of the new home of our friend Sagi. Our unit continues to maintain a close relationship through joint meetings and celebrations.”

"On Wednesday, February 5, the bulldozers demolished the home of Sagi and Morag Kaisler in Kida,” they added. “The bulldozers that were sent by the Civil Administration in coordination with the Ministry of Defense destroyed in a moment the life work of an entire family that had just finished building the house. This is a home built on Jewish land and whose legal status is the same as that of thousands of homes throughout Judea and Samaria. The demolition took place without coordination with the local authorities and without notice to the family.”

“We do not have words to describe the trauma and anguish felt by the family, and especially their children, when they saw the destruction,” the letter continued.

"The decision to demolish a house in Israel was carried out without looking left and right with no one taking responsibility. According to media reports, you response was that you were not aware of the demolition and that you said it was a ‘mistake,’” Kaisler’s friends wrote Ya’alon. “Could it be that this was done without your permission? If true, this is unforgivable. Even if the demolition is justified, there is an administrative and moral way to implement it.”

Finally, they wrote, "This letter is not meant to look for guilty parties or cut off heads, but we ask you, as the person in charge of our personal security, as the person who often talks about the importance of settling the land of Israel, please help Sagi and his family realize their dream and go home."