Israel's Licensing Bureau (file)
Israel's Licensing Bureau (file) Flash90

The Driver's License Bureau - the Israeli equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles -  will be on strike Thursday due to a labor dispute with the Ministry of Transportation.

Employees across the country will be sitting out the day and closing the Bureau's offices over a "lack of progress" in negotiations with the Ministry, according to a statement.

Talks are stalled over alleged violations of the Bureau's employment contracts, delays in paying wages and threats to close several offices in peripheral areas. 

The Ministry of Transportation labelled the strike threats "excessive and unjust" in an official response Wednesday night. 

"This strike was declared suddenly and without warning," the Ministry noted, "and has the potential to harm the public - primarily motorists." 

The Bureau stated Wednesday that the strike, while closing its offices, will not cut out essential services. Motorists will still be able to complete basic transactions, or advance the driver's licensing process, by calling the Bureau's hotline at *5868 or using automatic service stations set up outside Super-Pharm branches. The Bureau's website will be fully operational throughout the strike as well. 

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