Invented by the Jews? Hollywood
Invented by the Jews? HollywoodThinkstock

Hollywood was an invention meant to help Jews “take over” America, according to Hezbollah’s television channel.

Al-Manar TV, in a report, titled "Jews, Movies, Hollywoodism, and the American Dream", claimed Hollywood was a Jewish invention, the goals of which were "to take over the greatest superpower in the world, to control all aspects of its daily life, and to harness it in the service of Jewish goals worldwide."

Superman, invented by “the Jews”, is part of this plan as well, according to the Hezbollah report.

The report aired on February 10 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

MEMRI, which translates reports from the Arab media into English and posts them online, has exposed many instances in which Arab media has made ridiculous accusations against Israel and the Jewish people.

One such instance involved an Iranian leader with close ties to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who accused the Jews of engaging in sorcery and employing it against Iran.

In another case, a lawyer who spoke on Egyptian television claimed that Zionists and racists use the world media, including cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny, to perpetuate anti-Islamic notions.

In 2012, a segment which aired on Egyptian television featured a Sinai Bedouin accusing Israel of producing jeans, which were then sold to Arabs, containing magnets that cause infertility in Arab women.