High Court of Justice
High Court of Justice Israeli Government Photo

An NGO that advocates for better governance and democracy said Thursday that the High Court decision Tuesday – to stop government funding of yeshivas with army-age students who have not enlisted in the military – is a breach of the principle of separation of powers, and a blow to good governance in Israel.

The Movement for Governance and Democracy sent a letter to all 120 Knesset Members, in which it called on the MKs to inveigh against the Court decision regardless of their position on the matter of hareidi enlistment.

The Court intervened in legislative processes that are currently ongoing in the Knesset, said the NGO, and noted that the Knesset's Shaked Committee is holding final deliberations on a proposed law regulating enlistment of hareidim.

The Movement for Governance and Democracy asked MKs to "deliver a sharp message against the intervention of the High Court in processes it should not be involved in, while trampling the voters' will." It noted that the special committee chaired by Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi) has held dozens of meetings in the past six months in an honest attempt to solve the hareidi enlistment problem.

Yehuda Amrani, who chairs the movement, said that the High Court "is working to create pressure on the political system" and "has not hesitated to threaten the State of Israel's legislature."