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Attorney and current affairs analyst Yoram Sheftel remarked that this week, following International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is particularly timely to remember the global complicity in the Holocaust, and heed the warnings not to rely on the world again.

"Precisely this week it's important to remember the crimes of the European countries, Russia and the US that secretly in their hearts hoped (Nazi leader Adolf) Hitler would finish the job" and wipe out the Jewish people, commented Sheftel to Arutz Sheva.

This week Mark Langfan, Chairman of American For a Safe Israel (AFSI), noted that historical documents indicate the US purposely chose not to bomb Auschwitz and halt the genocide, out of a fear that if they did so there would be an influx of Jews to America.

Sheftel said that while the Holocaust may have been carried out by the Nazis and their helpers, in fact the attempted genocide was a wide-reaching global initiative. "It only took place because of the silent agreement of all the European nations, aside from the Danish and Bulgarians, that wanted the continuation of the destruction."

The attorney specifies that the British and Americans could have stopped the genocide, but chose not to.

"Britain closed the gates of the land of Israel, and refused to bomb the death camps. The American government under President (Franklin) Roosevelt, a hater of Israel, stood firm against bombing the death camps, spreading lies about a lack of military ability, but the truth is they knew that bombing the camp would reduce the murder of Jews in Europe," charges Sheftel.

Drawing from the message of the Holocaust, Sheftel warns against the current pressure from Europe, which is linked to the pressure from America as reports indicate US Secretary of State John Kerry is orchestrating the European boycotts. The pressure aims to force Israel into territorial withdrawals to the 1949 Armistice lines.

"Without the passivity of the European nations and the US, the scope of the Holocaust would have been half as small, therefore it's clear that the attempts today to return the state of Israel to the Auschwitz borders is meant to complete what they didn't complete then," remarked Sheftel.

Sheftel has previously warned that American should not be relied on, and that Kerry is displaying clear enmity to Israel.