Knesset delegation
Knesset delegationBardugo

Half of the membes of the Knesset's International Holocaust Day delegation to Poland could not return to Israel as scheduled Tuesday because of a malfunction in the plane that was to carry them. The plane was over-fueled and as a result, a leak developed.

The delegation includes more than 60 MKs from most of the Knesset's factions. It flew to Poland in two planes, for security reasons, and was supposed to return in the same way in the early morning.

An alternate plane is being sought by airport personnel in order to carry the MKs home, and it is believed one will be found in the course of the morning.

The Knesset will not function properly Tuesday morning because of the delay. There will also be problems in other government offices, because the delegation includes senior public servants, judges, the State Comptroller and additional public figures.