A video uploaded to Youtube Sunday claims to show an ambush carried out earlier in the day by young Arab Muslims against an IDF jeep patrol in the village of Deir Abu Mashaal, west of Beit El and Ramallah.

The short video shows three IDF jeeps driving down one of the village streets and turning left at a T junction. As the last jeep prepares to turn, a young terrorist is seen running on the roof of a building and hurling an object at the jeep.

At the same time, 12 young attackers emerge from the other side of the street to attack the convoy from behind. The one running ahead of the pack hurls a firebomb at the jeep and it explodes on the roof. The others use the moment to approach the jeep and throw objects at it.

The video was shot from the roof of a nearby building and the event has all the markings of a preplanned ambush that was prepared on the basis of information gathered during previous IDF patrols of the village.

No soldiers are known to have been hurt in the attack. However, it joins a slew of increasingly daring attacks on Israeli security forces, and a pattern that repeats itself in all of them is the Israelis' reluctance to open fire. This reluctance stems from fear of an ultraleftist legal system and media, which routinely combine forces to punish IDF officers and soldiers for almost any use of force.