MK Ayelet Shaked
MK Ayelet Shaked Flash 90

European countries are trying to strong-arm Israel into taking in more African illegal entrants, MK Ayelet Shaked has accused.

Shaked, who heads the Jewish Home party Knesset faction, explained that European countries heavily fund several of the NGOs in Israel that push for illegal entrants from Africa to be given legal status.

She spoke as thousands of illegal migrants, along with Israeli activists, held a protest in Tel Aviv.

“The ‘aid groups’ stir up the illegal entrants to get them to demand rights, and ultimately Israeli citizenship. That’s how they ‘aid’ the state of Israel,” she said.

“European countries are pouring millions of shekels into these groups,” she continued. The European benefactors have two goals, she said: first of all, they want to see Israel become “a state of all its citizens” rather than a Jewish state. They also hope “to divert the wave of immigration from Africa from Europe to Israel,” she charged. “That way they can kill two birds with one stone,” she added.

Shaked expressed support for Minister of the Interior Gidon Saar, who has pursued laws that will allow authorities to crack down on illegal entry. Saar was behind a law allowing authorities to require illegal migrants to spend nights in an open detention center; the law is part of what sparked Sunday’s rally.

Saar “is determined and his sticking to his policy of getting illegal entrants out of city centers,” she said. The detention center which hundreds of illegal migrants have been ordered to report to is in southern Israel, away from the neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv and elsewhere that have been most impacted by illegal entry.