The MKs in Hevron
The MKs in Hevron MK Calfa

Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir, along with MKs Zvulun Calfa and Orit Struk, visited a field in the Hevron area Sunday, where they heard a chilling story from the Jewish owner of the field.

According to the farmer, residents of a nearby Arab village had planned to murder him. The vineyard, in the village of Sde Calev, belongs to Menachem Livni. He has been working the field for 20 years, growing, among other things, cherries.

Residents of the nearby Arab village of Bani Na'im have it in for him, he told his guests. Several weeks ago, he said, they set fire to the cherry orchard. They also tried to attack him physically, he said.

Only with “great faith” is a nation built, said Shamir, who added that the incident would be investigated. “The government must do more to help these exceptional young people, who are taking the lead” in settling and working the land, he added.

MK Calfa said that “we are constantly working to reduce the roadblocks placed on those seeking to work the land and engage in agriculture in all parts of Israel, especially in Hevron, the cradle of the Jewish people.” MK Struk said that she “congratulated the Agriculture Minister for the assistance they are giving farmers in this area.

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