Independence Day torch lighting (file)
Independence Day torch lighting (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

The ministerial committee for symbols and ceremonies, headed by Minister Limor Livnat (Likud), has decided that the central theme of this year’s torch-lighting ceremony in honor of Independence Day will be “women’s time.”

The goal is twofold, the committee said. One purpose of honoring women, specifically, is “to honor and express appreciation for the contribution of women to the state and to Israeli society.”

The second, committee members said, is “to raise public awareness regarding challenges society still faces in the struggle over salary gaps between women and men, the glass ceiling that blocks women’s progress in every field, and the struggle against violence against women.”

Livnat posted a clip to her Facebook page titled, “Women’s time has come.” The public will be able to submit suggestions for women worthy of being honored as torch-lighters during the ceremony, she said.

Israel’s main Independence Day event has traditionally included a torch-lighting ceremony in which 12 flames are lit. The number of honorees may exceed 12.

Those honored are chosen for their contribution to the state. The committee to select honorees typically chooses representatives from varied sectors of society.

Popular statistics regarding domestic violence are disputed by academicians who do not belong to the "feminist" camp, who say they are deceptive and non-scientific. There is similar controversy regarding wage gaps and the "glass ceiling."