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The Israel Police recommend that charges of negligent manslaughter be brought against the people responsible for a fish pool at Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar in northern Israel, where three young men died of electrocution on July 25 this year.

According to Israel Hayom, which carries the story, the identities of the people who will be charged are not yet known.

Nir Glasman, 23, of Kibbutz Afikim; Uriel Buchris, 22, of Kibbutz Merav, and Gideon Raz of Maagan Michael, 20, were electrocuted while working at the pool, where aquarium fish were bred. A cable that fed electricity to the oxygenation machine inside the pool fell into the water, causing one of the men to be electrocuted. The two others jumped into the water to help him and died similarly.

The victims were found unconscious. Paramedics attempted to revive them, but were ultimately forced to declare their deaths at the scene.

Sources in the State Attorney's Office (SAO) said that the next of kin of the victims were notified of the decision to file charges in the case.

The police investigation found that the earthing cable of the oxygenation machine had malfunctioned. As a result, the current passed through the water and killed the young men. Police said there was an “infrastructure of evidence” against some of the officials in charge of the pool, and that it is up to the SAO to decide who will be charged.

Among the people questioned in the investigation were the general manager of Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar, the fish pool's operator, the general manager of the fish farming company and the safety officer of Ayelet Hashahar.