Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben Gvir Flash90

A nationalist activist from Beit El has been hit with an administrative order that will leave him effectively under house arrest for the next six months.

David Hai Hasidai was told that for the next six months, he cannot leave his parents’ house in Beit El, in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem. Alternatively, he could choose to remain constrained to the town of Shekef in the Hevron region.

This is the third time that Hasidai has been given an administrative order. Officials in Israel’s security apparatus are allowed to issue administrative orders to those suspected of terrorism or criminal nationalist activity without trial, and without revealing the offenses which they believe were committed.

Use of the orders made national headlines over the summer with the violent arrest of Boaz Albert, a farmer and father of several young children who has refused to obey an unexplained administrative order distancing him from his home and farm in the town of Yitzhar.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who is representing Hasidai, accused the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, of persecuting his client. “In a democracy, if there is evidence, then you file an indictment,” he said.

“What they don’t do when it comes to murderers, rapists and drug deals, they use against a young man with no hint of evidence that he broke the law,” Ben-Gvir accused. He added, “It’s interesting that all the defenders of human rights and democracy are silent when right-wing activists are abused.”