El Al airplanes
El Al airplanes Flash 90

Last week, a duty free cart broke through the cockpit doors of an El-Al flight, shattering contents all over the pilot and co-pilot in a potentially dangerous incident, IDF Radio reported Thursday. 

According to the report, the incident occured on flight 082 from Bangkok to Israel last Tuesday. The cart broke through the doors during landing, which over 450 passengers and staff on board. 

The head investigator of the air travel division at the Ministry of Transportation has opened an investigation.

Details indicate that the cart, which was laden with drinks, was unattended when it fell down the cockpit stairs; the seats were showered with glass. No injuries were reported. 

Two problems are under investigation: why the cockpit doors were unlocked during the landing sequence, and why the cart was not braked and in place before the plane began its arc of descent. 

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