Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, negotiator at the Iran nuclear talks in Geneva, emphasized his nation's "rights" and "dignity" in pursuing a nuclear program on a Youtube video released Tuesday.

In the video Zarif claimed the Geneva talks, the next of which will occur Wednesday, have not "hit a dead end" following the collapse of the previous round of talks.

However he said that in order for a deal to be made Iran needs "equal footing" with other nations that have nuclear power. Zarif added "no power...can determine the fate of others."

The video, which appears on Zarif's Youtube channel opened in late October, is in English and has been translated into 4 other languages on separate videos.

Several comments to the video point out that Iranians have been banned from using Youtube under the Islamic regime.

The video can be seen here:

Meanwhile Zarif told AFP on Tuesday that he approaches the talks Wednesday "with the determination to come out with an agreement at the end of this round." Zarif has in the past said Iran has an "inherent right" to enrich uranium.

He also accused Israel of trying to "torpedo the process."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has vocally opposed Iran's nuclear weapons program and proposals that would leave Iran with "breakout capacity."

In early November Netanyahu warned US Secretary of State John Kerry that the massive "death to America" rallies in Iran on November 4 show the Islamic regime's true face. 

Netanyahu's concerns have put him at odds with US President Barack Obama's administration that has been pushing for an agreement with Iran.

Consequently Netanyahu plans to travel to Moscow on Wednesday to explain his position to Russia. An Israeli official ahead of the trip said "a breakout capacity means that they (Iran) have the capability to develop a nuclear weapon at a time and a place of their choosing in the future."

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