Incensed by a New York Times article trivializing rock-throwing by Arab youth against Israeli soldiers and civilians, one filmmaker took to YouTube to illustrate how such rock-throwing is not just a harmless "game" or "hobby".

The video begins with the death of Asher Palmer and his one year-old son Yonatan, who were killed by rock-throwing Arab youth in 2011, and then goes on to illustrate the difference between throwing a rock as a protest measure, and throwing rocks in order to maim and kill innocents.

The short film showcases a number of common tactics used by rock-throwers to maximize the lethality of the projectiles, including using large, heavy rocks, throwing multiple rocks and hurling projectiles from a height or from a moving vehicle.

Rock and firebomb attacks have become increasingly frequent in Jerusalem, as well as along highways in Judea and Samaria (Shomron). The attacks have injured several people in recent months, and have caused death and severe injury in the past.