Tomer Hazan Hy"d
Tomer Hazan Hy"d Courtesy of the family

Walla! reported Friday that murdered IDF soldier Tomer Hazan had allegedly been lured into murderer Nadal Amar's car by being enlisted into drug-smuggling scheme. Amar's ruse was meant to provide a reasonable excuse to lure Hazan into the Palestinian Arab town by which he was killed, according to Walla's sources. 

Hazan was murdered in September, outside the Samarian Arab settlement of Beyt Amin, where he was handcuffed and then strangled to death with his own trouser belt. Amar reportedly said that one of the terrorist organizations had promised him 5 million shekels for carrying out the murder. The idea was allegedly to have a "Gilad Schalit #2" to use as leverage against Israel. 

A few days before Hazan's murder, Amar told Hazan that he and a few friends from his settlement had managed to procure a large amount of recreational drugs, most likely marijuana. Amar then reportedly asked Hazan for help smuggling the drugs into Israel's major urban centers. 

Hazan and Amar agreed to transport Hazan to Amar's settlement to pick up the drug shipment, before leaving together on the smuggling expedition. Amar promised 20,000 shekel to Hazan for his participation. 

While Hazan had never been involved in criminal activity, he allegedly took the bait. The morning of Friday, September 20, the two of them took a shared taxi from their joint workplace in Petah Tikva toward the Palestinian settlement. Amar reportedly called up his brother Abd el-Sala'am and declared that "the sheep is with me" in Arabic, referencing Hazan. 

Once the taxi crossed the Sha'arei Tikva checkpoint, Amar handed Hazan a hat and a pair of sunglasses. "It's important that no one in my village recognize you," he said. After crossing the border, Amar and Hazan changed vehicles with Sala'am; Hazan was then taken to an abandoned building where the drugs were allegedly hidden and left there.

After about two hours, Sala'am returned - dressed in camouflage and a military uniform. Salem, impersonating a Palestinian Authority policeman, then handcuffed and blindfolded the terrified Hazan. 

Hazan had no idea that he had been betrayed by an alleged friend from work. Salem broke Hazan's cell phone to prevent them from being tracked. He then took Hazan out to the olive orchard where his body was found, strangled him to death, and then took all identification from the soldier's body, Walla reports. 

Walla's report contradicts earlier reports that the purpose of the kidnapping was to take Hazan hostage. It is unclear why the brothers killed Hazan, if a "live" soldier was allegedly being sought for another Gilad Schalit-like round of international negotiations between Hamas and Israel, to free third brother Nur al-Din.