Illustration: Hamas recruits celebrate their
Illustration: Hamas recruits celebrate their Flash 90

Abu Ubaida, spokesman of the Al-Qassam Brigade, military arm of Hamas which rules Gaza, said "we're ready for the next battle." The statement came just before the latest Gaza clash broke out Thursday afternoon.

According to Ubaida, Hamas is working to develop new methods to surprise and attack "the Zionist enemy."

The new battle appears to be knocking on the door, as Gazan terrorists opened rocket and mortar fire on Israel Thursday, eliciting an IAF airstrike which took out two concealed rocket launchers.

Speaking about the IDF's Pillar of Defense counter-terror operation, Ubaida claimed it was a success amid the ongoing battles with Israel.

He emphasized that the Pillar of Defense proved Gazan capabilities to bring the battle to the heart of Israel by striking the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv regions and forcing millions of Israelis to take shelter.

Ubaida claimed these attacks on Israel's largest population centers "raised the morale of the Palestinian people" and sent a warning to Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had a different take on Pillar of Defense when he visited soldiers near Gaza on Tuesday, praising a 98% decrease in rocket and mortar fire and lauding IDF deterrence.

Meanwhile, just last week, a spokesman for the Al-Qassam brigade vowed Hamas would continue building terror tunnels and press on in the terror war to destroy Israel.