Hila Betzaleli
Hila Betzaleli Israel news photo: IDF Spokesman's Office

Four people will face criminal charges over the death of IDF soldier Hila Bezaleli, Walla! news reports.

Bezaleli, 20, was killed shortly before Independence Day in 2012 when a light fixture collapsed during a rehearsal.

The four suspects have been named as Itzik Tzuker, who was the security manager at the Har Herzl site where the accident occurred, Oren Warshevski, who worked at the site as a building engineer during the Independence Day preparations, Alex Sela, the producer for the event, and Elad Lavie, one of the owners of the company that set up the stage.

The four are expected to be charged with causing death through negligence.

A fifth suspect, manager Hannah Cohen, will reportedly not be charged. Cohen was in charge of oversight of preparations for the Independence Day ceremony. Police recommended that she face charges, but the state prosecution decided not to put her on trial.

Police reportedly faced difficulty during the months-long investigation as the suspects tried to put the blame on each other. Sela and Tzuker blamed Warshevski, the engineer, while Warshevski argued that he was the least senior staffer of the group and had warned the others that the structure might be unstable.

Bezaleli’s family has called for those guilty of negligence to be brought to justice.