Arutz Sheva meets with Jess Dolgin, CEO of the J Media Group, to discuss the importance of digital marketing for the North American Jewish community.

Dolgin began by explaining the scope of Jewish marketing. "There are various types of advertisers who want to reach the Jewish market," he says. Besides for the Jewish market, "which obviously wants to reach the Jewish consumer," Jewish marketing extends outside of the Jewish niche market, as well. Dolgin gives several examples. "Sony Pictures may have a film related to the Holocaust or World War II and they want to reach a Jewish audience; it might be a major supermarket that has Kosher for Passover food; it may be an airline such as Lufthansa, or US Airlines, or Delta Airlines, that wants to promote flights to Israel," he explains.

Sometimes the Jewish market is the main factor. Other times, the reasons behind targeting a Jewish market are "ancillary", Dolgin says. "There are times when an advertiser wants to reach an affluent market, or a well educated market - things that stereotypically represent a Jewish market." Dolgin also explained that J Media is also involved in educating businesses about the nature and advantages of marketing to a Jewish audience.

Digital Marketing is particularly important today because the medium is "measurable" for the first time. "Advertising firms can now tell you how many times their ads were seen, how many times their ads were clicked on, what percentage of these clicks converted into leads or purchases or orders or donations," he explains. "The fact that this is measurable gives us the chance to learn, to optimize, and to make better campaigns."

For the full interview, see the video above.

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