Jerusalem Old City
Jerusalem Old CityIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Border police managed to stop the rape of a woman in the Old City of Jerusalem moments before the crime was about to take place. Police have arrested a 22 year old suspect, an illegal alien from Eritrea, and have charged him with attempted rape.

The 28 year old woman, a tourist from France, was abducted by the illegal African on Hagai Street inside the Old City. He followed her until she passed by a bathroom, and took that opportunity to push her into the bathroom, where he planned on raping her.

As he began tearing at her clothes, the woman began to scream. Fortunately, a Border Guard patrol was in the area. They heard her screams and intervened at the last moment, catching the rapist in the midst of his crime.

Police plan to ask for an extension of his remand tomorrow, a police spokesperson said.

The issue of illegal immigration is a serious concern to many Israelis, particularly in the Tel Aviv region, who complain their lives are being made a misery by violent crimes and thefts committed by illegal aliens.

A recent Supreme Court ruling which called for the release of nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants being held under a 2012 law it deemed "unconstitutional", has come under fire from residents of central Israel, who fear the consequences of yet another influx of illegals into their communities.