Michael Ben-Ari
Michael Ben-AriFlash 90

Former MK Doctor Michael Ben-Ari began teaching as an external lecturer at Ariel University, located in the Shomron city of Ariel. According to Kipa he will teach in the Israel Heritage department.

Ben-Ari holds a doctorate in Land of Israel Studies from Bar Ilan University. He specialized in the archaeology and history of the Temple Mount, the topic he will be lecturing on at Ariel.

The former MK is very involved in research related to Judaism's holiest site. He is one of the founders of the Temple Institute's educational branch, the Midrasha (learning institute) of Temple Knowledge, and additionally founded the "Temple Mount Heritage" institute aimed at researching the holy site's history.

Furthermore, he has published several research works in the past, dealing with the history of the Temple Mount and the First and Second Temples, as well as a book on the Great Revolt which began in the year 66 CE against the Roman occupation. The Revolt was unsuccessful, as the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE.

Outside of the Knesset, education is Ben-Ari's profession. His first degree was in Education, and his master's was in Talmud.

Ben-Ari headed the Otzmah Leyisrael party with former MK Professor Aryeh Eldad in their campaign during the last elections. Their campaign fell about 9,000 votes short of getting in.

Aryeh King, number 4 on the group's list and currently Jerusalem council member, accused Bayit Yehudi of running a smear campaign against the party similar to the one Bayit Yehudi accused Likud of at the time.

King reported that Bayit Yehudi "convinced people not to vote for us because we would not pass the threshold," which turned out to be "a self-fulfilling prophecy."

Outside of the Knesset, Otzmah Leyisrael has remained active on issues of Arab terrorism, illegal immigration, and defending Israel's Jewish identity.

To accomplish these goals, Ben-Ari, along with other members of the party's list founded the "Fund to Save the Nation of Israel" in March.

Just last Tuesday, Ben-Ari arrived at the Ofer Prison to protest the release of 26 additional terrorists as part of "gestures" to advance peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Ben-Ari wore a khefiyeh, a traditional Arab headscarf, so as to "get rights too" in the state of Israel that "engages in affirmative action for Arabs only."