Protest against terrorist release
Protest against terrorist release Miri Tzachi

Dozens of buses from all over Israel are to bring protesters to a planned large-scale demonstration Monday evening, against the release of terrorist murderers scheduled for Tuesday. The protest will take place outside Ofer Prison, north of Jerusalem, where the terrorists selected for release to Judea and Samaria are being gathered ahead of their bus ride to freedom.

The rally is being organized by My Israel - a grassroots group founded by Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) head Naftali Bennett before he joined party politics - the Almagor terror victims' group and other organizations.

Relatives of terror victims, MKs and other public figures are expected to take part in the rally.

The protesters will form a human chain outside the gates to the jail, and demand that the prisoner release be halted. They will hold up signs with images of bloody hands, and red glow sticks.

The protesters will hold photos of the victims whose murderers are being released, and films about bereaved families will be shown.

The list of terrorists to be released and their crimes has been made public, drawing widespread revulsion and reigniting popular anger at what is seen by most Israelis as a betrayal of justice.