Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Hillel Meir

Police from the Gelilot police station north of Tel Aviv arrested a resident of Herzliya aged 66, who made telephone threats against the life of Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi). The man said he would kill Bennett if he didn't find him a job.

The police investigation began after the Security Officer of the Economics and Trade Ministry filed a complaint following the threats.

The suspect will be brought before a Tel Aviv court and police will ask to extend his remand for the purpose of continuing to question him.  

This is not the first threat Bennett has received. In April, the Security Officer of the Economics and Trade Ministry complained to police that a letter was received in which the minister's life was threatened.

The letter was received one day after a conference in Ramla at which Bennett presented the plan for enlistment of hareidim to the IDF. It included a threat to carry out a "pulsa dinura" ceremony in order to place a curse on Bennett's head.

"To Naftali Bennett, curses and not blessings," the letter began. "You will die young; a pulsa dinura has been carried out against you. You will finish like [Ariel] Sharon."

Pulsa dinura is supposedly a kabbalistic ceremony that brings a curse upon te head of te person it is directed against.