Sundial tower, Jerusalem
Sundial tower, Jerusalem Flash 90

Israelis are to move their clocks and watches back by one hour Saturday night, as daylight saving time ends. At 2:00 AM, clocks will be moved back to show 1:00 AM.

People with smartphones who set them manually to Athens time will now have to reset them to Israel time.

In Android phones, select the Jerusalem time zone (GMT+3) and "automatic time zone."

In iPads and iPhones, set the clock to "set automatically" and make sure it has turned to Jerusalem time.

Clocks were originally supposed to be set back on October 6, but a committee set up by the minister of interior recommending waiting for three weeks before doing so.

“I announced when I set up the committee that the objective was to find the best arrangement for the citizens of Israel,” Sa’ar said at a press conference. “After checking the committee’s work and its recommendations I decided to change the status quo.”

But the decision to put off the end of daylight saving time resulted in some degree of confusion early last month as cellphone developers had prepared for the annual time change without taking into account the possibility that the Knesset might change the date.