Illustration: Arab mob attacks with stones
Illustration: Arab mob attacks with stones Israel news photo: Flash 90

A mob attack on a highway near Jerusalem earlier this week has led Jewish activists to take to the streets. Several organizations are coming together to protest the attack, and similar highway terrorism, on Friday morning near the site of the attack.

The protest will begin at 10 a.m. at the Beit Sahour junction near Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yaron Dorani, the rabbi of the town of Nokdim, urged Israelis to join Friday's rally.

“There’s no need to explain the danger in rock attacks, and the effect they have on people’s sense of personal safety,” he said.

The rock attacks are just part of a larger issue, he noted. “In recent weeks, Arabs have been trying – with significant support from extreme-left groups – to take over agricultural lands near our towns,” he warned.

Citizens must act, he declared. “If we do not rise up and take action, or at least protest, we cannot keep complaining that the authorities are not doing enough,” he said.

The Women in Green organization and the Committee for a Jewish Shdema will be among those taking part in Friday’s rally.

Five people were wounded earlier this week in the violent attack which triggered the demonstration. One of the victims, Rabbi Kfir Getz, spoke to Arutz Sheva as he was taken to hospital. He told of the "murderous hate" in his attackers’ eyes, and said that only a miracle saved him from further harm.

IDF sources confirmed that roughly 50 people from the nearby Arab town of Beit Sahour took part in the attack. According to Rabbi Getz, the mob included several women and children.

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