(Illustration) Syrian rebels take positions i
(Illustration) Syrian rebels take positions i Reuters

Syrian rebels have published footage showing the use of a remote controlled car bomb targeting a Syrian military position in the city of Daraa in the south of the country.

Rebels said four bombs weighing hundreds of kilos were planted on a vehicle, which was then driven remotely towards its target. A steel plate was apparently placed around the engine to protect the car from being destroyed by the Syrian army before being detonated.

The footage shows a rebel fighter driving the relatively short distance from the target before getting out and controlling the car remotely, driving it towards a Syrian army position. The film seems to show Syrian soldiers firing at the suspicious vehicle driving towards them.

Rebels have said stepping up their attacks using remote controlled car bombs will help them to break the will and stamina of the Bashar Al Assad's army.

Over 110,000 people have been killed in fighting across Syria in the last two years.

On Thursday, Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Qadri Jamil said Geneva II, an international conference aimed at seeking an end to the country’s civil war, is scheduled to be held between November 23-24.

Russia and the United States have been trying to organize the conference since May, however cracks among the rebels have deepened, with a key group within the opposition Syrian National Coalition saying it would not attend the talks.

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