Ezra youth movement
Ezra youth movement Gush Katif Museum

A delegation from the Ezra youth movement will participate in a memorial ceremony for slain former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in Tel Aviv Saturday night.

The decision will doubtless cause some controversy, as the memorial ceremonies for Rabin are famous for their poltical flavor, and have often served as a pulpit for incitement against the nationalist and religious camps.

"The rally is for everyone,” said a source in the movement. “Even if, in past years, a certain part decided take it to a place that we completely disagree with, and added contents that we do not identify with.”

An Ezra activist is scheduled to mount the stage at Rabin Square and read out a letter co-signed by several youth movements. “It is a call that says that we, as a movement, take responsibility for all of society, and want to echo throughout society,” explained the source.

The organizers decided to avoid desecration of the Sabbath in the preparations for the ceremony. This, according to sources in the religious youth movement, was not the result of preconditions from them, but “reflects a true wish by the organizers to make possible the widest participation possible.”

"We are in a deep dialogue concerning the rally,” said sources in Ezra. “The contents and ideas are important ones. This is a dialogue that will continue after the rally, one that concerns our future and the character of the state of Israel.”

The man convicted of assassinating Yitzhak Rabin, Yigal Amir, came from the religious Zionist sector. As a result, the sector was vilified by the Israeli left wing, including the mainstream media, for many years after the 1995 murder, as being collectively responsible for the crime.