Fire in Sharon
Fire in Sharon Israel Electric Corporation

Firefighting and Rescue spokesman, Yoram Levy, spoke with Arutz Sheva about controlling the blazing fires which broke out throughout Israel on Wednesday. 

There were numerous fires and more than 200 firefighters battling the break outs in Beit Herut in the Sharon region, Kibbutz Ginegar in the Jezreel Valley, Mitzpe Ilan in the north, Ksalon in the Bet Shemesh region, and the Ariel Park Amphitheater.

In some areas, there were large-scale fires, however, firefighters were able to control them. 

Levy mentioned that because of the change in season, Israel is prone to more fires. He also mentioned that the firefighting services are well prepared to respond to the fires and prepared for tomorrow, which expects similar weather as today.

At this stage, arson is not suspected, Levy says, but in the Bet Shemesh region, negligence is suspected of causing the outbreak of fire.

According to Levy, this transitional season is problematic in that heavy winds contribute to fanning already raging fires, and therefore, even a small-scale fire could endanger an area and spread. 

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