Noam Glick (in green)
Noam Glick (in green) Israel news photo: Shachar Nagar

Four days after a terrorist shot her in the neck at close range, nine-year-old Noam Glick has returned home.

Her friends from Psagot met her with flowers and balloons.

Noam suffered serious injuries in the shooting, which took place as she played on the balcony of her family’s home in Psagot, north of Jerusalem. However, after an emergency surgery, her condition was upgraded to “good,” and she has made a speedy recovery.

Noam’s father Yisrael said after the attack that her quick response, which seems to have scared the terrorist off, saved the family from murder.

The IDF continues to investigate the attack. Two brothers from the Palestinian Authority town of Kfar el-Bireh have reportedly been arrested as suspects.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned the attack or attempted to capture the perpetrators. While he did say that he opposes “violence on both sides,” an official Facebook page run by Fatah – which he heads – has praised the attack on Noam Glick, saying that the terrorist who attempted to kill her “tells the tale of those who love the homeland.”