Amid the constant bashing of Israel on the internet and other media platforms, Jewish musician and rapper Ari Lesser has produced a video to highlight the "double standard" which singles-out the Jewish State. 

The chorus says it all: "Boycott Israel, if you think that's just, but unless you have a double standard you must, also boycott the rest of the nations with allegations of human rights violations."

The American-born and now Tzfat based MC admitted that the 65-year-old country is sometimes "not perfect," and yet the State of Israel is, by comparison, better than the nations which kidnap, torture, oppress, and murder its civilians.

Lesser's message about honest, pro-Israel reporting has sparked the support of many from across the globe. 

One response came from a Youtube user called MCJustiz who wrote: "As a born Muslim I am with you 100%. When people try and tell me to boycott Israel I normally have long Facebook rants about some of the countries you mentioned, now I can just post a link to this great song."

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